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ReVive BDR

Quickly restore to the present or a previous point of time with online backup

Businesses today often have a variety of IT devices, including desktops, physical servers and virtual machines (VM). Capturing a comprehensive, image-level backup – with the ability to quickly restore to the present or a previous point of time – from a multitude of sources can be complicated.

ReVive™ offers a single, secure solution with online backup

while eliminating tape backup systems and manual processes for SQL, Exchange, etc. Not only does ReVive capture the data, it also stores it for long-term retention, helping to address a company’s regulatory and compliance requirements.

ReVive offers the backup and replication necessary to ensure business continuity regardless of whether companies are operating in a physical, virtual or hybrid environment.

Easy to install and use, ReVive can be configured to provide the frequency of backup and replication you need, with tools for rapid recovery and the ability to leverage stored image-level backups for disaster recovery, testing and virtualization.

Organizations that adopt ReVive need to:

  • Backup a hybrid compute environment that may include desktops, servers and virtual machines
  • Store image-level data for long periods of time
  • Reduce costs by postponing capital investments and eliminating time-consuming manual backups
  • Ensure compliance with regulations governing backup and data retention
  • Optimize or begin migrating to a virtualized environment

ReVive technology advantages

  • Utilizes leading StorageCraft© ShadowProtect© technology
  • Onsite BDR appliance for rapid recovery and VM spin-ups to minimize downtime
  • Backup every hour or as frequently as every 15 minutes to your cloud based storage
  • Rapid file recovery with long-term retention, built-in compression and encryption
  • Recover operating system and data volumes onto any hardware
  • Experienced engineers, easy setup and quick provisioning
  • Serves as a pathway to full or partial virtualization
  • Licensing available in bundles or individually