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Cloud-Managed Switches

Plug and Play - Cloud Managed Switches

The Cisco Meraki MS is the industry’s first cloud managed switch, offering plug-and-play branch deployments and central visibility and control across any number of distributed locations. Through the cloud and over the web, thousands of switch ports can be configured and monitored instantly. The cloud-managed switches deploy network-wide changes, provision remote sites without on-site IT and easily manage networks without training or dedicated staff.

Virtual Stacking (industry first)

Switches are managed as a single logical entity, regardless of their geographic setup and with no physical connection between switches needed. Easily configurable ports for access devices are managed through the Cisco Meraki dashboard, giving access to the entire switch infrastructure.

Virtual Stacking - Cloud Managed Switching

Layer 7 Visibility

Layer 7 - Cloud Managed Switching

Cisco Meraki MS Switches are the only ones in the industry that feature an integrated Layer 7 application with client fingerprinting and analysis in the usage of hundreds of recognized applications. Administrators can easily see where resources are spent and identify individual users and devices through the Meraki dashboard.

Layer 3 Scalability

Layer 3 Scalability makes simple expansion with reduced congestion possible. A configurable dashboard simplifies management by removing complex command line interfaces, scales growing networks while ensuring redundancy for critical switch infrastructure and optimizes traffic flow. In addition to dynamic routing, layer 3 Meraki MS switches support VRRP for warm spare failover, ensuring immediate recovery of gateway responsibilities, and avoiding downtime and client disruption.

Layer 3 - Cloud Managed Switching

Voice and Video QoS

QoS - Cloud Managed Switching

Voice and QoS features VLAN and protocol-based prioritization, flexible QoS assignments and intuitive control, giving improved performance of wireless applications. By selecting a VLAN for voice in the dashboard, selected ports will accept tagged traffic on the voice VLAN and use LLDP advertisements to recommend devices use that VLAN for voice traffic.


Cisco Meraki access switches are available in models that support PoE and PoE+, providing network visibility, simplified management and cost savings. PoE/PoE+ delivers up to 30W to support even the most power-hungry devices, and a total budget of up to 740W delivers enough power to run dozens of VoIP phones, access points or other PoE devices. Meraki switches intelligently allocate power based on device advertisement, and the Meraki dashboard uncovers power savings across the switch network.

PoE - Cloud Managed Switching

Remote Tools

Remote tools make off-site troubleshooting possible, reducing resolution time and simplifying the process. Built-in Ethernet cable testing allows users to select a switch port, run a cable test and see results in the dashboard, with or without a device connected on the other end. Each Meraki MS is automatically monitored at all times via the cloud.

Enterprise Security

Enterprise Security - Cloud Managed Switching

MS Switches integrate easily with enterprise-grade security systems, allowing users to define access policies, segregate guest devices and quarantine entire environments, all from the dashboard. Applying policies on many ports, even across multiple switches, takes just a few clicks. Firmware updates and two-factor authentication make secure, PCI and HIPAA-compliant networks easy and cost-effective.