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Cloud-Managed Security Appliances

Multi-site cloud management. The Cisco Meraki Cloud Networking architecture enables plug and play branch deployments and provides centralized visibility and control across any number of distributed locations.


Enables plug-and-play branch deployments and automatic extra security updates. The need for field visits is eliminated, as updates, troubleshooting and diagnostics can be completed remotely. Easily updatable, automatic network monitoring and alerts are provided.

Cloud Managed - Security Appliances

Auto VPN

Auto provisioning site-to-site VPN connects branches simply and securely. Links between branches and headquarters are easily activated, and new sites can be added with only a few clicks.

Auto VPN - Security Appliances

Application Firewall

Provides protection from damaging users, content and applications, this firewall secures your networks and allows only approved, essential services and connections. Your network stays protected by an integrated intrusion prevention system with signature, protocol and anomaly-based inspection and threat containment.

Application Firewall - Security Appliances

Intrusion Prevention

Networks can be secured in mere seconds through Cisco Meraki MX Security Appliance’s Sourcefire. Threat definitions automatically updated for bleeding edge protection, and security reports are displayed in real time on any device from the Meraki dashboard.

Application Control

MX’s Layer 7 fingerprinting identifies and blocks evasive and encrypted applications. Insight into the users on the network by device type and username is provided.

Application Control - Security Appliances

Content Filtering

Administrators can choose to block categories of content and individual URLs. Rules always stay up-to-date with automatic refreshes to continue blocking websites even if their websites change. If different content filtering policies apply to different groups of users, the active directory integration allows the right configuration to be built to block content as needed.

WAN Optimization

WAN optimization aids in server consolidation and private cloud initiatives, reduces intersite application bandwidth by up to 99% and TCP traffic by up to 209x by using advanced algorithms, deduplication, compression and hard-disk based caching.

Bon Jour Gateway

Enabled with just a few clicks, an integrated Bonjour gateway enables seamless support of Apple TVs, printers, AirPlay mirroring, and any other Bonjour server device allowing for support without network overload.

Bon Jour Gateway - Security Appliances