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System Integration

As organizations strive to continuously improve customer experience they often find themselves challenged by the fact that their IT Infrastructure is extremely complex and comprised of a diverse suite of systems and software. New technologies, legacy systems and the realities of tightening budget constraints necessitate careful planning when introducing enterprise change. We know how challenging it can to be to keep all your stakeholders happy while introducing change into your complex contact center network and application topology.

Tiverity can help with one-time integrations and we can also help lay out a long-term roadmap that accounts for where your business is today, and where you want to be tomorrow. See our Contact Center Optimization Services for more information about our Roadmap services.

  • Tiverity can help creatively deploy phased application and hardware upgrades to provide progressive improvements in customer service while leveraging legacy systems.
  • We can tie system integration milestones to critical events in the budget model, helping ensure the IT infrastructure stays aligned with business finances.
  • Tiverity can help make sure you build your business logic in the right systems, so you get maximum reusability as you upgrade components and applications.