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Contact Center Assessment

Are you wondering if your contact center application or infrastructure is operating at maximum efficiency? Are your development teams working at maximum capacity and in need of some support or training? Have telecom costs skyrocketed and you’re not sure why? Do you have persistent customer or agent complaints you’ve been unable to resolve? Do you feel like the platform you have hasn’t lived up to its full potential or to your expectations?

This is where our assessment services can help you identify opportunities within your existing applications or VOIP network. You need a team that knows the technology, the processes, the industry and your business, and is focused on your Contact Center. Tiverity is the right partner to help you achieve your organizational goals.

  • Our team members have deployed thousands of successful projects over hundreds of man years in the public and private sector. We pride ourselves on hiring and retaining world class talent so we can achieve our goal of meeting your goals.
  • This is the team that will be working with your organization, through technical and business surveys, through customer and stakeholder feedback. We’ll take this back to our organization and provide you with a detailed document outlining our recommendations for improvements. Next steps are focused meetings with the key teams in your organization, bulletproofing our assessment.
  • We can perform this service in an iterative approach, working with your stakeholders up front to identify what their priorities are and focusing on key areas first.
  • These assessments can target specific pieces of your contact center or look at the lifecycle as a whole. The overarching goal is to make sure your application architecture is solid, your lifecycle is delivering what the customer needs, and your infrastructure is healthy and ready for growth!