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Application Management Services

Organizations today need to commit their resources to what they do best in order to grow and innovate. Winning in today’s economy requires discipline and a zealous focus on your core strengths. Tiverity’s Application Management Services represent a strategic offering in which our current and future customers can tap into Tiverity’s deep knowledge base in Unified Contact Center Application Management. Through our offering, we seek to develop a partnership with our customers in which we become a part of your holistic business strategy, allowing you to focus on your core competencies while we focus on ours.

Many of you are tired of working with “hit and run” vendors and are looking for IT partners willing to collaborate with you on a long-term basis. Our core strength is the Contact Center, and we will work to give you a competitive advantage at the enterprise level. As you follow your Roadmap, there will times when our services may not be needed. At other times, the need will be clear. When you need us, we will be ready to provide any one of our Application Management Services.

Contact Center Modernization

  • Re-architect your legacy contact center applications to enhance flexibility and lower costs, improve customer service and drive overall efficiency in your Contact Center.
  • Improve outdated processes and streamline years of keep-the-engine-running updates piled on top of each other.
  • Reduce the time it takes for operations to make administrative change in your Contact Center.

Joint Management and Training

  • Tiverity customers can benefit from our passion and experience in the Contact Center while leveraging their internal resources as part of the overall application management service.
  • Knowledge transition and a greater customer understanding and ownership of their applications are strong benefits of the Joint Management and Training offering.
  • We offer on- or off-site training programs tailored to your organization’s needs, ranging from one-on-one coaching and on–the-job training to classroom sessions.

Design, Build and Manage

  • This is Tiverity’s comprehensive offering, in which we fully manage your Contact Center’s applications. Our customers benefit from peace of mind knowing that Tiverity’s experience, dedication and commitment ensure success.
  • Cradle-to-grave project and program support, from business requirements through development, from testing to rollout ensures your success long after deployment.
  • Define or enhance your contact center vision with workshops and strategy sessions tailored to your executive teams.
  • Concise and understandable business requirements, test plans and customer experience documentation.

Staff Augmentation

  • Skilled resources are often hard to find and expensive to keep on staff. Tiverity can help ensure you have a sustainable staffing plan, and provide support while you develop or hire the resources you need.
  • Whether your need is for specialized application developers, operational monitoring and support personnel, reporting developers, project managers or contact center engineers, Tiverity can fill your staffing gaps.


  • Tiverity believes strongly in the value of quality from the start. The importance of quality at every level of a process, activity or development cycle cannot be overemphasized.
  • Tiverity testing services enable our customers to benefit from the proven techniques developed through hundreds of customer deployments.
  • We will utilize our testing process to deliver successful deployments for you. Production defects should never be the expectation.