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Educational institutions continue to be the primary way that students around the world prepare to meet the demands of an evolving world economy. Tiverity’s IT solutions help schools and higher education institutions integrate technology as they prepare students with 21st century skills for success.

Tiverity understands the need for educational institutions to implement network infrastructures and advanced technologies that deliver results. Tiverity’s solutions help schools meet their goals while increasing productivity, improving end-user satisfaction and strengthening competitive advantage.

Our solutions help educational institutions implement well-planned and robust network architectures and infrastructures for:

  • Improving communications with teachers, parents, students and staff
  • Supporting mobile environments
  • Creating rich opportunities for effective collaboration and learning

Financial Services

The global financial services industry manages vast amounts of information through branches and call centers or through unattended web, ATM and phone channels. Their objective is to achieve profitable growth at an acceptable risk, and they are harnessing technology to achieve it.

Tiverity’s IT solutions enable firms within the financial services industry to connect with their customers and partners. We do this by introducing flexible and dynamic infrastructures to support delivery of innovative services and personalization initiatives.

Health Care

Demographic, social and cultural changes are placing growing pressure on healthcare providers, requiring them to rely on technology for achieving their business and clinical objectives. Health care providers are working to optimize patient care, improve service delivery and reduce medical errors – while controlling spending.

Tiverity’s IT solutions play an important role in helping healthcare organizations achieve their goals. Our solutions integrate IT networks that help diverse entities collaborate and communicate effectively, which in turn maximizes the return on technology investments.


Manufacturing companies balance production deadlines with ensuring product quality and meeting rapidly changing customer demands. Their supply chains are complex and interdependent, often including suppliers around the world.

Tiverity’s IT solutions enable manufacturing companies to benefit from improved communications and collaboration capabilities. Benefits of our solutions include:

  • Respond more quickly to customers and service issues with access to subject matter experts and customer order information.
  • Maximize operating efficiency and improve time-to-market with better collaboration tools.
  • Provide mobile employees with access to corporate and production processes and information.

Professional Services

Most professional services businesses are small organizations, and many operate from a single office location to deliver specialized services and expertise for larger clients. These firms’ primary assets are their expertise, experience and reputation, and the loss of a single account can have a major effect on revenue. Professional services firms are under pressure to be highly responsive and to maximize personal productivity.

Tiverity’s IT solutions provide critical collaboration and communication capabilities, which are essential elements to creating efficiency, scaling expertise and maintaining quality client relationships. Our solutions are delivered with the understanding that many of these professional firms rely on mobile computing and communication technology, often working between their offices, client location and home offices.

Real Estate

The real estate industry includes a diverse set of building types. Each building type has a distinct purpose. Whether an office building, a hotel, an entertainment venue, a multi-tenant residential or commercial or mixed use property, the goal is to maximize revenue, create new revenue and differentiate the property.

Tiverity’s IT solutions enable the convergence of multiple building systems, simplifying IT. We offer converged services such as voice, video, data, security and wireless. These services create competitive differentiation by delivering personalized, unique experiences for guests, tenants and employees.


Revenue growth, competitive differentiation and customer brand loyalty are essential to successful retail brands. Technology plays a very important role in enabling retailers to enhance their customers’ shopping experience and optimize employee productivity across physical stores, web stores, call centers and headquarters.

Tiverity’s IT solutions help retailers more effectively connect their brands to today’s increasingly mobile, digitally-empowered consumer. At the same time, our solutions enable retailers to significantly improve communication and collaboration with employees and their supply chains while reducing operating costs.