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Federal Civil Sector

With more than 15 years of extensive experience in supporting Federal customers, Tiverity’s Civil Sector practice is an award winning offering that drives value for our government customers. We understand the challenges government agencies face today. From reduced budgets to concerns around continuity of operations and from workforce reductions to protection of data, the challenges today are significant.

Our service model is built around driving innovation, efficiency and quality for our government customers. We have a robust suite of IT solutions that have proven invaluable in achieving the business needs of our federal customers.

In the face of rapidly evolving demands, our solutions help government enhance and improve the public service experience.

State and Local Governments

Engaging the public in an effective and efficient manner is a core objective of state and local governments across the United States. As the public becomes increasingly accustomed to the self-service, on-demand culture being driven by private industry, it is extremely important that state and local governments also enhance the accessibility and availability of public services.

Our solutions enable state and local government agencies to focus on their core mission. Through our experience and highly skilled staff, Tiverity’s offerings drive public value and connect government with the people it serves.