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Customer Testimonials

"This partnership has ensured a great purchase experience, dependable local support and most importantly a fast and reliable network,” - Hal L,  Chief Financial Officer at manufacturing company

Customer service is a cornerstone of the Cisco Resale Channel Program. We are pleased to recognize and congratulate Tiverity for achieving outstanding customer satisfaction.

Edison Peres

Senior Vice President of the worldwide channels go-to-market group at Cisco

With our primary focus on building our business and meeting rapidly changing market demands, we want a technology infrastructure partner that we can trust and count on whenever needed. Tiverity’s demonstrated commitment to dependable and reliable service is what sets them apart from others we considered.

Rick C

Advertising and Marketing Company

We are very excited about partnering with Tiverity, as we had experienced many challenges with our internal communications infrastructure over the past several months. Tiverity’s team came in and actually listened to what some of our issues were, addressed those issues immediately, and has delivered the service we needed to allow us to focus on our core business. They have given us a comfort level as it relates to our communications reliability that we just didn’t have before.

Tricia D

Legal and Professional Services Company

We were excited to partner with a local company like Tiverity for our IT upgrade. This partnership ensured a great initial purchase experience and also provided dependable local support as well.

Ron J

Media and Entertainment Company

We selected Tiverity because of their thorough assessment of our global operations, and focus on an optimal solution that was right for our business over the long-term.

Michael B

Manufacturing & Distribution Company